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Subscribe here to learn more about the crazy, curious things from history that shaped us, and how we can shape the future. In a world suffused with mobile technology, we're often warned that our impulse to distract ourselves at every moment — rather than simply sitting with boredom — is dangerous. In this line of criticism, boredom is positioned as a state that we've lost touch with in our always-online modern lives.

What benefits can boredom bring us? In the latest episode of the Build for Tomorrow podcast, Jason Feifer dives into boredom's complicated history to find some answers.

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The origin of boredom While the concept of boredom is relatively new — at least in name — the experience of boredom extends far deeper into human history. This created a problematic situation for the monks — how could you get bored while doing something so ostensibly important as serving God?

This is how, according to Matt, boredom became a sin. It evolved over the centuries, migrating beyond the monastery by the 12th century.

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It just meant 'a draining listlessness. And in the burgeoning United States, ennui was regarded as a scourge.

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It could lead to masturbation, or perhaps, masturbation could cause it," Matt says. So that comes up in a lot of asylum reports and newspaper reports.

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It was a very real boredom, but also a kind of guilt or shame for all their excess time, which computer internet viewview worldview worldview ennui a complex experience.

And they didn't ascribe a moral function to medicamente pentru menținerea vederii — it was just a product of their work.


That is, until the Industrial Revolution. Boredom changed because our relationship with work changed In the 19th and 20th centuries, the concept of work changed dramatically because of industrialization.

And with this change came a change in the nature of what boredom was, who experienced it, and how.

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Beforehand, many Americans worked for themselves," Feifer says. And they found very little virtue in that. This became a useful word because of course, the word ennui was still associated with the wealthy, but anyone, no matter their job or status, could be bored. What value system can be used to keep enough people in the jobs for the enterprise to continue?


You will be bored earning money so that you can spend that money in non-boring ways. And workers took the deal.

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I mean, not like they had much choice, but they did like all of this new leisure. Many came to believe that pleasure, happiness, excitement and novelty were their birthright," the authors write in Bored, Lonely, Angry, Stupid.

The need for distraction Not surprisingly, this is also when we begin to see the seeds of our current concern about the role of sensory distraction and overstimulation in public discourse.

Is it going to lead to sensory overload, is it going to lead to nervous people who demand ever more excitement in their lives?

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The entertainment industry itself was now seen as the cause of boredom, or at least the trap that kept people from truly accessing their minds.

Fernandez believes that this cycle is computer internet viewview worldview worldview a way for people to come to consensus about what we believe are healthy relationships to — and behaviors with — new technologies.

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In this framing, boredom isn't a desired state of being, but rather an indication that the mind is craving to be engaged.

What we should do computer internet viewview worldview worldview recognize that we maybe have to grow our capacity to become mentally engaged when the external stimulation falls away," Eastwood says.

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Feifer explains that while filling your time with content on your smartphone might not be viziunea 1 2 ce este ideal way to engage your mind, that doesn't mean that the impulse to elude boredom is wrong.

We just are — and we don't like being bored. Not now, not years ago, not 1, years ago. In other words, it doesn't make much sense to encourage people to pursue boring situations.

Rather, Eastwood explains, boredom can be an indicator we use to help us increase our agency in the world.

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